Blogging by Cinema Light has reviewed our film, and here’s an excerpt courtesy James S. Wilson:

Schaefer has a very sure hand when it comes to directing these scenes making them slicing-taught and doing precious little camera movement, drawing you in (he gets immense help from shooter Mike Boydstun, who does some black-magic tricks of back-lighting and in the saucer scenes makes the scenes jitter and pop in panic and confusion). He makes a simple slow pull-in to as innocuous a thing as a ringing telephone ominous.

It’s a strange, weirdly resonant movie that blurs truth, and, while it doesn’t make me believe in “flying saucers” (even that term is wrong, given Arnold’s original description of what he saw, but has stuck in the public conscious and unconcious), but it does make me believe in good film-making from whatever cosmic plane it comes from.

Read the full review here.